Designed according BSCA design system and style guide

Financial Dashboard

Healthcare spending overview on the member dashboard page

Authenticated experience

Product: Blue Shield of California members have access to their member healthcare spending information through their personal account. This project aimed to help the users to easily comprehend their healthcare finances and keep track of their claims and benefits.

My role: Worked on the healthcare spending breakdown redesign on the member dashboard. Collaborated with product managers and a fellow lead designer to gather and discern the requirements. As a part of this user experience development effort, we did over 14 iterations, multiple design reviews with designers and stakeholders, and usability studies.

Research was essential to help us iterate our designs and create data-informed user experience. The customer feedback on the live claim’s breakdown and the usability study results of our interactive prototypes helped us to finalize our designs.

Results: Delivered the high fidelity prototypes along with the usability study report and presentation to the stakeholders.

Claim Reimbursement Form Usability Testing

Claim reimbursement online form for members

Authenticated experience

Product: Blue Shield of California members can submit a claim for reimbursement manually. The online form was designed to help the member to complete this process through the web.

My role: Worked with the product managers to gather the requirements, brainstorm the possible user scenarios and usability testing assumptions. Created a usability test plan according to the usability.gov template and consulted the product manager about the best practices of the usability study.

Results: The distilled actionable insights and recommendations were presented to the stakeholders. The recommendations were categorically sized by development to aid in implementation strategy.

Admin Facing Page

Communication preferences

Internal tool

Product: Blue Shield of California wanted the customer service representative to easily access to member’s communication preferences and help members to opt into paperless communication and marketing materials.

My role: Participated in the usability study with internal stakeholders as an observer and note taker. Worked on the last stages of the design iteration. Created “Add Communication” screen flow following the BSCA style guide and the Material Design Guidelines.

Results: The admin facing internal tool along with the member facing communication preferences feature is currently in the production stage.

Website Navigation Interaction Consult

Website navigation

Authenticated and unauthenticated experiences

Product: Blue Shield of California website is one of the main destinations to research and shop for healthcare plans, see available wellness programs, and find a doctor. The product manager requested for a UX consult on the navigation interaction of the Blue Shield website.

The problem: The secondary navigation bar opens immediately upon hover, even when the mouse is merely passing over the main-menu item without stopping.

My role: Made recommendations based on the usability testing and the literature review results. Presented the ergonomic constraints in designing for mouse over interactions. Recommended to consider applying the triangle principal or to take into account of the timing guidelines for hover interactions to improve the usability of the existing design. As a quick fix, recommended to switch back to the previous interaction model.

Results: The product team made the decision to go back to the previous interaction model and work on improving the on hover interactions.


Note: The content is limited due to the confidentiality agreements with the Blue Shield of California. Send me an email if you would like to hear more about these projects.